Arc of Time
Price N/A
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Arc of Time is a Caster Magic that Utilizes the element of Time. You cannot buy it in the Magic Shop, the only way to obtain it is by defeating the Dark Mage and learning it from the Magic Book that he Drops.

  • This Magic is considered an Illegal magic, and is not allowed to be used during Tournaments for Slayer type Magics.

Spells Edit

Infinite Sphere Edit

Level 1 - The user launches a sphere that freezes and damages the target.

Flash Forward Edit

Level 1 - The user launches a Barrage of small Orb like spheres that damage the target.

Restore Edit

Level 3 - The user raises their hands in the air, and turns back time to the point where it wasn't Damaged.

  • This Spell is a Healing Spell.

Luminous Minutes Edit

Level 7 - The user points its cursor over the targets torso, then activates the spell which launches the target into the air, freezing him in place while he receives damage.

Parallel Worlds Edit

Level 12 - The user launches multiple Barrages of Tiny Orb-like spheres that freezes the target in place.

Last Ages Edit

Level 17 - The user raises their hands in the air and flings everyone in the 70-studs radius away from them while tripping them as well.

  • It also changes any projectile's direction (including yours), any projectile near the user, 200 studs.

How to Obtain Edit


This Magic is the first of its kind, you cannot obtain it by merely buying it in the shop, and it's not a custom either. This magic is only learn-able by a drop-able book that the "Dark Mage" drops when he is defeated.

Steps to Obtain it: Edit

1) Locate the Dark Mage, he is at the bandit camp near a crowd of marauders.

2) Defeat the Dark Mage.

  • He is level 50 and uses Gravity as a weapon.

3) Once you killed the Dark Mage, a GUI MAY appear on your screen asking you if you wish to keep the magic book the mage dropped.

4) Once the GUI appears on your screen, Click Accept.

5) The Book should now be in your Inventory

6) Press 6 to open your inventory.

7) Click on the magic book, then click on the option to equip it.

8) Once you have it equipped, click once anywhere on your screen.

9) A GUI should appear that asks either if you want it as a Primary / Secondary.

  • Please note that the book you have received can be either a Primary Magic Book or a Secondary Magic Book, you cannot choose whether its a Primary or Secondary book.
  • If you decline, the book will disappear.

10) Click Accept, and Done!

  • You now have Arc of Time, a lost magic, learned!

Gallery Edit