Custom Magic are magic given to other people who contribute greatly to the game's development, these people are usually developers, special people or have won them in tournaments which is the case of God Slayers and Dragon Slayers. Don't bother asking for a custom magic if you haven't done anything for the game, you will be denied.

List of Custom MagicsEdit

The custom magic that is currently known and in game so far are:

Ankhseram Black Magic Edit

Also known as Death Magic, it is a Caster Magic. The current owner of this magic is dragoneyes43. The user manipulates black energy which when coming into contact with anyone will damage them and inflict "Death"


Lava-Make is a Caster Magic owned by MarkoSumisu. This magic allows the user to create and manipulate Lava to attack their opponents, the magic has a 50%  chance  to give the target a Burned effect.

Healing MagicEdit

Healing Magic is a Caster Magic and is exactly what it is, healing. This magic is 100% support, the user can heal anyone or grant invulnerability for a short time and is owned by ohayitswilson and perciful1113.

  • It is currently unknown if this is a custom or not.

Ice God SlayerEdit

Ice God Slayer is a Caster Magic and is very powerful, allowing the user to manipulate ice and freeze enemies in their place, it is also noted that before the updates Ice God Slayer was slightly more powerful than other Slayer type magic. The current owner of this magic is Soranex. Ice God Slayer can also be won through tournaments if the previous owner of the magic loses it.

Fish MagicEdit

Fish Magic is a Caster Magic that allows the user to summon fishes to their command. It is mainly a support magic although it can attack if the user wants to, the current owner of Fish Magic is FateFishy0.


Teleport is a Caster Magic that allows the user to blink to their desired destination, it is mainly a support type magic. The current owner of this magic is LuckyCrow0.