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Earth Clash

A magic using the environment around you and change colors depending on what type of environment you're standing on.

Spells Edit

Rock Avalanche Edit

A barrage of rocks.

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Rock Avalanche

Earth Clash Edit

Stops your enemy's movement and smashes them between two rock pillars. This attack is useful for the user to get near the victim so the user can use Earthquake.

  • To use this attack, you need to hover your mouse over a target then activate it.
RobloxScreenShot08102015 010155117

Earth Clash

Earthquake Edit

Shakes the ground making anyone near fall and vomit. (75 studs)

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Wall Invasion Edit

A barrage of a wall of rocks being hurled at your enemy.

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Wall invasion

Iron Rock Wall Edit

A wall made of sediments meant to protect you from enemy projectiles.

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Iron Rock Wall

Platre Sonata Edit

A lot of small rocks fused together to become a boulder.

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Platre Sonata