Fish Magic
Price N/A
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? Yes
Released? Yes

Fish Magic is a Caster Magic that utilizes fish. It CANNOT be bought in the Magic Shop.

Fish Magic is currently owned by a player named, FateFishy0

Spells Edit

Fated Fish Edit

Level 1 - The user summons a massive fish to attack and eat the target. Any opponents that get hit by the large fish will get a bleed effect, and lose Health Points.

School of Cods Edit

Level 1 - The user summons a School of Cods which he commands to attack the enemy, dealing high damage to the target.

Fish Food Edit

Level 3 - The user summons 3 large hungry fish to protect them from incoming attacks.

  • Each fish shield has their own health bar.

Fish Breath Edit

Level 7 - The user summons a huge fish in front of them then large green blocks come out of the fish acting like a roar but much smaller.

Pufferfish Punch Edit

Level 15 - The user summons 5 puffer fish that are launched at the target, and once hit, the target is damaged, stunned for 1 second in place, and given the poison effect.

Fish Ride Edit

Level 17 - The user summons a large wave along with a fish under them and rides it. It damages enemies, as well as having a small chance to pick up someone. If the user ever needs to get out of the fish ride, the user simply just needs to jump / tap the space bar.

Removed Spells Edit

Fish Tank Edit

Level 18 - The user summons a big fish tank in front of them. Anyone near the fish tank (125 studs) will be trapped in the fish tank with a drowning effect.

Gallery Edit