A Caster Magic that manipulates the force of GRAVITY.

Gravity Magic
Gravity Magic
Price 37,000 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Spells Edit

Pull Edit

Pulls anyone near (51 studs) towards you.

Push Edit

Pushes anyone near (51 studs) away from you.

Black Hole Edit

Forms a black hole and traps all targets in a range of 75 studs in it.

Fall Edit

Trips the target(s) and paralyzes the target(s). (60 studs)

Gravity Hurl Edit

The user flings anyone in a radius of 60 studs in any random direction while damaging the victim(s). (60 studs)

Gravity Rise Edit

Makes anyone near rise in the air and stay in the air for 2 seconds leaving them vulnerable to more area attacks. (60 studs)