A Caster Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.
Price 30,000
Type Caster
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Ice-Make is a Caster Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.

Spells Edit

Cresent Blade Edit

Level 1 - The user sends a barrage of ice blades at the opponent dealing damage.

Ice Cannon Edit

Level 1 - The user picks up an ice cannon shooting a large ball of ice at the opponent, causing them to freeze if it hits them.

Clone Edit

Level 3 - The user makes a clone and the user's body turns invisible which gives the user an advantage. If the clone's health reaches 0, the clone disappears and the user's body turns visible, If the clone got hit you don't get the hit too.

Block Edit

Level 6 - The user creates a block of ice to use as a shield, however it will not protect you from AoE (area damage) damage.

Saucer Edit

Level 11 - The user sends a saucer at the opponent at a medium-speed.

Geyser Edit

Level 15 - The user hovers his or her mouse over a target then activating it, it encases the victim in a geyser of ice also dealing damage.

Gallery Edit

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