Legend of City
Price 45,000 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Legend of City is a Caster-type magic involving the use of souls. It can be bought in the Magic Shop for 45,000 Jewels.

Spells Edit

Summon Spectors Edit

Level 1 - The user summons "Spectors" humanoid like ghosts that you can see through to attack the target dealing high damage.

Soul Blast Edit

Level 1 - The user summons mini-ghosts in a barrage attack that deals high damage against the target.

Uprising Edit

Level 4 - The user points his cursor over the designated target and the target freezes while ghosts come from the ground to attack him.

Ghostly Wrath Edit

Level 7 - The user summons a gigantic ghost to protect him from harm. This ghost can also trap people inside of it, keeping them inside of it not being allowed to escape.

Kurai Katamari Edit

Level 11 - The user heals himself / herself while using this spell.

Ghost Body Edit

Level 15 - The user turns into a ghost himself giving him incredible speed.

Gallery Edit