Light Dragon Slayer
A type of Dragon Slayer magic that utilizes light.
Price N/A
Type Caster Magic
Spells 7
Custom? Yes
Released? Yes

Light Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Dragon Slayer magic that utilizes light.

This magic is currently owned by DarkCrash1.

Spells Edit

Light Dragon's Holy Ray Edit

Level 1 - The user creates a big ball of light in front of him or her then creates small, but long, beams from it then causing the ball to decrease in size as more projectiles come out from it.

Light Dragon's Holy Breath Edit

Level 8 - The user jumps in the air then faces down and lets out a huge breath that creates a huge white cylinder that explodes on contact, and will damage anyone near a 150 radius.

Light Dragon's Claw Edit

Level 12 - The user moves their mouse over a player then activating it to teleport to the victim then creates a ball of light in their right hand. The user then hits the opponent with the ball of light causing the victim to freeze for a short period of time.

Light Dragon's Roar Edit

Level 15 - The user quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of light from their mouth in the form of a block-like blast.

Holy Nova Edit

Level 19 - The user creates a ball of light in the left hand then quickly teleporting 20 studs forward flinging anyone who is behind his or hers path.

Light Dragon's Firefly Light Edit

Level 35 - The user creates multiple balls of light around the user then launching it at a opponent like homing projectiles.

  • It will destroy any projectile it touches on the way and to avoid this you can hide behind something like a shield or a tree.
  • This is a snipe spell meaning to use this move, you have to move your mouse over a player or NPC to activate it.

Dragon Force * Edit

Level 85 - The user activates dragon force mode. The user grows scales on their body. This gives a speed boost, damage boost, and health boost. It lasts for 1 minute.