Light Magic
A magic that utilizes the element of light.
Price 55,000 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Light Magic is a primary caster magic that utilizes the element of light. It can be bought in the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Light Bringer Edit

Level 1 - A move that shoots out a bunch of thin light blocks as projectiles, if it manages to hit someone it will paralyze the victim. This attack is useful for the user to get up close to the victim so the user can use Giant's Wrath.

Light Bomb Edit

Level 1 - A big ball of light thrown at your target that does damage and blinds the opponent if the ball manages to land.

RobloxScreenShot08102015 030432-372

Light Bomb

RobloxScreenShot08102015 030539-737

Light Bringer

Light Rain Edit

Level 3 - A rain of light that damages your enemy and anyone near. (50 studs) (5dmg)

RobloxScreenShot08102015 030619-501

Light Rain

Purging Light Edit

A very bright sphere that is used a shield.

RobloxScreenShot08102015 030705-949

Purging Light

Blinding Light Edit

A sphere of light that surrounds you that can blind anyone near you. (100 studs)

RobloxScreenShot08102015 031020-972

Blinding Light

Giant's Wrath Edit

A floor in the shape of a circle that surrounds you dealing heavy damage to anyone near. (35 studs)

RobloxScreenShot08102015 031145-580

Giant's Wrath