Pict Magic
A magic that allows the user to create drawings and use them in various ways.
Price Primary: 175,000 Jewels

Secondary: 437,500 Jewels

Type Holder Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes

Pict Magic is a Holder magic that allows the user to create drawings and use them in various ways. It can be purchased at the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Nature Run Wild Edit

Level 1 - The caster sends a barrage of colored pigs at the opponent dealing adequate damage.

Cannon Brigade Edit

Level 1 - The caster creates two cannons on their left and right side then using it to launch multiple projectiles of steel cannonballs at the opponents at a fast speed.

Refined Shields Edit

Level 4 - The caster creates five wooden walls to shield them from any incoming projectiles, yet still vulnerable to snipes and area attacks.

Scribble Ensnarement Edit

Level 9 - The caster traps the victim in a scribble-like trap.

  • This is a snipe spell, it requires you to hover your mouse over a NPC or Player in order to use this spell.

Roar of Silver Edit

Level 15 - The caster creates five vulcans to protect themselves.

  • Level 15 - 25
    • Vulcans will be level 30.
  • Level 25 - 40
    • Vulcans will be level 45.
  • Level 40 - 55
    • Vulcans will be level 55.
  • Level 55 - 75
    • Vulcans will be level 65.
  • Level 75+
    • Vulcans will be level 85.

Violet Steed Edit

Level 28 - Similar to Fish Magic's Fish Ride spell, the user summons a purple pig and rdes it. It damages enemies and flinging them, as well as having a small chance to pick up someone. If the user ever needs to get out of the pig ride, the user simply just needs to jump / tap the space bar.

Gallery Edit