Username In Roblox danil6777
Game Name Hakosami Senso
Nickname The Mighty Teleporter
Age 18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Raven Tail
Raven Tail symbol-0
Previous Affiliation Demon Fang Wolves
Guild Mark Location Right Shoulder
Occupation First Guild Master
Previous Occupation Lega Mage

Demon Fang Wolves Guild


Team Team Raven Tail
Partner(s) GalaxyOrb
Base of Operations Raven Tail Guild
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Teleportation Magic

Legend Of City Magic

First Time Shown
Game Version Fairy Tail: Discovery Newer


Game Update 5/5/2015

Question that someone asked me:

???: Danil when you see haters in the game and ragers what would you do?

Danil: I would just sit down and be like:

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