Shadow Magic
Price 85,000 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Shadow Orochi

Shadow Orochi

Shadow Magic is a Caster type Magic that allows the user to manipulate shadows. It can also be bought from the Magic Shop.

Spells Edit

Shadow Orochi Edit

Level 1 - The user fires four shadows snakes at the target, the snakes damage upon contact, damage is dependent on the user's level.

Shadow DaggersEdit

Level 1 - The user fires multiple daggers of shadow at the target, the daggers damage upon contact and once again the damage is dependent on the user's level, it is slightly weaker than Shadow Orochi.

  • The daggers go transparent (0 to 0.7) after 1 second, this is a good way of fooling your opponent(s), hoping the daggers will still come in contact with the target(s).

Guard Shadow Edit

Level 6 - The user puts up a wall of shadow in front of them, blocking any enemy attacks, the shield has a health bar that once depleted will disappear.

  • It only blocks projectile attacks, still leaving you vulnerable to any area attacks. Gravity's spell, Black Hole would be an example of an area attack.

Shadow Form Edit

Level 9 - The user turns into a slightly visible shadow that grants him a speed boost.

Shadow Knuckle Edit

Level 14 - The user points his cursor over the target he chooses and the target freezes as shadowy knuckles punch him from the ground.

Shadow Grab Edit

Level 17 - The user spouts a long hand-shaped shadow that grabs the target and is able to drag him around the map as he or her pleases.

  • This also gives you an opportunity to attack the target with projectile moves.