A Caster Magic that allows the user to teleport to almost any area.
Price Unknown
Type Caster
Spells 5
Custom? Yes
Released? Yes

Teleport Magic is a caster magic that allows the user to teleport to almost any area.

Teleport Magic is currently owned by No One.

Spells Edit

Point Warp: Level 1 Edit

  • When the caster activates the move, the caster is given the coordinates and is able to teleport where they activated the spell.

Standby: Level 1 Edit

  • This is a sniper type spell in which the caster hovers his mouse over a specific target, when activated the caster switches places with whoever the spell was casted on.

Direct Line: Level 5 Edit

  • The caster focuses his magic energy in a certain direction, within 2 seconds the user teleports in a straight line 125 - 175 studs away from their original point of origin; passing through any object that may be in front of the caster.

Projectile Evade: Level 8 Edit

  • This is a self-cast type of spell in which the caster warps a small space around their body, the user negates all projectile spells inflicted onto the caster.

Linked Together: Level 11 Edit

  • This a organic-link type of spell in which the caster creates a space link between them self and another Wizard. Once activated, the caster is able to teleport to the Wizard from any distance during anytime between 10 seconds, after 10 seconds the organic-link decimates and the caster can no longer teleport to the wizard. The wizard that the spell was casted on also enables them to teleport to the caster in return.
  • This spell requires you to hover your mouse over a player then activate it.

Updates Edit

Standby and Linked Together have been added to Teleport's magic list. Edit

  • In the future, a spell called Wormhole will be added.

Gallery Edit

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