Water Magic
Price Primary: 27,000 Jewels Secondary: 67,500 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 8
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Water Magic is a type of Caster magic that utilizes the element of Water. It can be bought in the Magic Shop.

Water is a form of Magic revolving around the element of water, placed under the user's command for them to utilize for various purposes. Depending on its use, the physical properties of water can be manipulated to the user's advantage. Large masses of such liquid are shown to possess remarkable force.

Spells Edit

Water Body Edit

A spell which allows the user to turn their own physical body into a mass of water, rendering any physical attacks useless. However, its not a perfect defense.

Sierra Edit

The user utilizes this spell in conjunction with water body: when enraged, the user rushes toward their target and either surrounds them in hot water and/or scalds them. Aside from its traditional use, the user may also utilize this spell for the purpose of enhanced mobility.

functionality note: Upon reactivating water body, the user will enter sierra. This spell deals DoT in an AoE of a radius of 20 studs. This recast spell adds on an extra amount of duration to water body.

Water Slicer Edit

By swiping their arm, the user sends scythe-like blades of water at their intended target, which are powerful enough to cleanly slice through solid rock. It can also be used as a form of defense to intercept on coming attacks.

Bubble Shot Edit

The user summons a stream of big bubbles, which hits the opponent at great force multiple times.

Water Lock Edit

The user creates a large sphere of water that can be used to attack their target while they are trapped inside it. The water can be frozen, allowing the one trapped inside to escape.

Water Barrier Edit

Either with conscious thought or without, the user creates a barrier of water that surrounds their body, protecting them from incoming attacks, even highly destructive explosions.

Functionality note: The spell and shield itself is stationary. The user may move in and out of the shield as they please. this spell has a great amount of durability. The shield is a toggle spell that drains MP in its active form.

Water Pillar Edit

The user swings their arms in front of the target, manipulating water and forming it into the shape of a massive pillar, and using it to strike the target from below.

Crashing Tides (Non-canon) Edit

The user brings forth a large tidal wave, dealing tremendous damage while also tripping all targets caught in the spell.

Graphic Note~ Edit

Most water magic spell duration can be told by the number of spirals in the water.

Gallery Edit