Wind magic
A magic that allows its user to utilize the element of wind.
Price 59,000 Jewels
Type Caster Magic
Spells 6
Custom? No
Released? Yes
Wind Magic is a Caster-Type magic that utilizes the element of wind. It can be bought in the Magic Shop for 59,000 Jewels.

Spells Edit

Magic Wind Palm Edit

Level 1 - The user gathers the wind in his hands, and upon released all of the compressed wind the user has gathered in their hands, it fires a gigantic beam of wind that thrust out high winds and force that deals an insanely high amount of Damage.

Storm Shredder Edit

Level 1 - The user creates a barrage attack of light blue sharp fast moving projectiles that deal high damage on contact.

Storm Mail Edit

Level 4 - The user covers himself / herself in wind, increasing the user's speed and damage for a short amount of time.

Storm Bringer Edit

Level 7 - The user creates three tornadoes that range in size from small to large that deal damage depending on which tornado hits the target, The small one deals minimal damage, The Medium sized deals normal damage, and the Large one deals high damage.

Wind Wall Edit

Level 12 - The user creates a huge wall that is made out of wind.

  • The old appearance of wind used to resemble a tornado that protected you from all sides, however it was removed because it really gave a huge opening for the opponent(s) to use their area attacks on the user since there was no way of getting out of the wind wall unless you flew out of it using your exceed.

Flight Edit

Level 15 - The user uses the spell, and is allowed to fly for a short period of time, the user can go faster if he / she holds down the forward button.

Gallery Edit